calm soul-stella wardale yoga & Holistic therapies Stella practises in richmond, North Yorkshire and surrounding areas

Stella Wardale of calm soul has an holistic approach to body and mind awareness, through a combination of Yoga and the Complementary Therapies of Massage, reflexology and aromatherapy


The importance of self-care and mental wellbeing has never been more pertinent than during 2020 and the Covid -19 pandemic. 

Yoga covers a wide range of styles . My interest lies with mind and body awareness and wellbeing through somatic movement, meditation and breathing practises. It is Yoga to soothe the Nervous System, bring a calm stillness and to maintain balance in your life.

I am particularly interested in and continue to study, Yoga and Neuroplasticity-a growing area of scientific study. 

My focus is to support, motivate and encourage people to look after their health and wellbeing by cultivating an awareness between mind, body and spirit, through Yoga and the three Holistic Therapies of Massage, Reflexology and Aromatherapy.

Calm the mind. Reconnect to your body. Relieve stress. bring balance and ease in what can sometimes feel like an increasingly turbulent world.

Walk Slowly (Danna Faulds)

It only takes a reminder to breathe,

a moment to be still, and just like that,

something in me settles, softens,

makes space for imperfection.

The harsh voice of judgment drops to a whisper

and I remember again that life isn't a relay race;

that we will all cross the finish line;

that waking up to life is what we were born for.

As many times as I forget, catch myself charging forward

without even knowing where I'm going,

that many times I can make the choice to stop, 

to breathe, and be, and walk slowly into the mystery.

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