Yoga covers a wide range of styles . My interest lies with mind and body awareness and wellbeing through somatic movement, meditation and breathing practises. It is Yoga to soothe the Nervous System, bring a calm stillness and to maintain balance in your life.

I am particularly interested in and continue to study, Yoga and Neuroplasticity-a growing area of scientific study (if you are interested in Neuroplasticity, click here). 

My focus is to support, motivate and encourage people to look after their health and wellbeing by cultivating an awareness between mind, body and spirit, through Yoga and the three Holistic Therapies of Massage, Reflexology and Aromatherapy.

Yoga is a philosophy which is rooted in ancient India and therefore reflects the images and stories of that continent . It is not a religion and does not tie into any single belief system. Despite having threads going back 5000 years, it is now recognised as an invaluable way of coping with modern day stresses.

chair Yoga

Chair Yoga can offer the same benefits as Yoga from the mat and bring harmony between mind & body by coordinating breath and movement. 

Stella offers an accessible class that is gentle and supportive by helping each person develop their own Yoga Practice. The classes are beneficial for improving flexibility, strength, balance and concentration. By bringing awareness into the body, Chair Yoga can help reduce anxiety, increase emotional resilience, as well as help to improve mental clarity.

Stella's classes are accessible to everyone, with support from a chair they are designed to help you tune into your body and calm your mind - keeping you mentally and physically fit.

The class includes gentle nourishing movement for anyone with limited mobility due to matters such as knee or hip injuries/replacements, balance issues, neurological conditions, arthritis or post-stroke challenges (please check with your GP before starting if you have any concerns that it might not be suitable for you)

chair yoga prices

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