yoga with Cello

Nourish heart and soul

Nourish your heart and soul and restore your body with a mindful Somatic Yoga Practice (suitable for complete beginners). The Yoga is supported by the deep resonance of a Cello played live in the session by professional Cellist Andy Wardale. The ambient sound and vibrations from the instrument can help you go inward with awareness so you feel grounded and calm. Sessions will often include breathwork (Pranayama), Meditation and a beautiful Shavasana (relaxation). Take time out to move your body relax and absorb the sounds and vibrations-finding your inner calm.

upcoming events

If you would like to book Stella and Andy for your studio, retreat or festival, please contact Stella to discuss your requirements.

...thank you for the amazing class last week. I loved Yoga with Cello & found it to both a spiritual & medatitive experience like no other yoga experience I have had. (JK)

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