About Stella Wardale

Stella is a qualified Yoga Teacher
(The Independant Yoga Network)

In addition she has studied Qigong and how Qigong can be woven into a regular Yoga practice.
Stella is qualified in Holistic Massage, Aromatherapy Massage, Reflexology and is a Level 3 Wellbeing Practitioner. Stella is based in the historic Norman town of Richmond North Yorkshire and is married to cellist Andy Wardale.

I have been interested in and practiced some form of Yoga, since I was a teenager. It has been a thread which has woven itself through my life, sometimes re-emerging and sometimes disappearing into the background when jobs, family or moving to different parts of the country took over.

In 2014, I started to realise that when times were harder or busier, it was not a time to stop Yoga. It was rather a time to increase my practice and find space and time from within, instead of waiting for external circumstances to change. This led to a weekly practice, sometimes twice a week until in 2018 when, following a freak accident, my rehabilitation and recovery  was the catalyst to train as a Yoga Teacher. 

I have also completed a qualification in Massage, Aromatherapy and Reflexology, in order to offer a truly holistic approach to wellbeing.

If you would like to find out a little more about my Yoga and Holistic Therapies  journey, you can read about it here.

I  was recently interviewed by Kristine Weber of Subtle Yoga, whom I very much admire. If you would like to see the interview, please click here.

what people say about Stella...

...Stella is a knowledgeable yoga teacher who radiates calm. Her teaching is accessible and sensible. You’re in safe hands with Stella...(DebbieF)

...absolutely fantastic. Thank you so much Stella. Perfect way to start the weekend...(FiY)

...Stella’s Calm Soul Yoga is the perfect way to stretch out and calm the mind at the end of theweek, particularly for those of us spending too much time sitting whilst working from home!...(PhilippaM)

...Stella’s yoga nights are fabulous to help with a chill out after a long day in front of the PC. I’m feeling much more relaxed after the Tuesday and Friday sessions. Stella is calming and makes me feel great! Thanks Stella...(BernadetteM)

... have tried yoga in the past but never enjoyed it until now !!! I look forward to every Friday evening. Stella is amazing explaining everything really well . I feel like a new women when I am finished , my body & mind feel renewed & relaxed. Highly recommend anyone to do this no matter what your fitness levels are. 5 stars...(ClairB)

...Stella's classes are wonderful. They're the perfect moment of calm in a hectic lifestyle with small children, and a perfect way to ease sore muscles that are a direct result of said hectic lifestyle! She's so clear and calm and has a really magical way of putting you at ease, and is so helpful. I'd recommend her in a heartbeat...(EmilyE)

...Stella provides an hour of tranquil therapy which refreshes the soul. Soothing voice and clear instructions mean that even a beginner like me can enjoy the "time out" she provides...(PamH)

...As an newcomer to yoga, Stella’s classes have been amazing. Her explanations are really clear and calm and I’ve loved every minute!...(MajaW)

...I have had a nagging pain in my shoulder for quite a while now, as a result of over-practising ..and at my age too! Stella suggested a 10 minute practice, focusing on that area and 10 minutes later, all pain gone. Incredible! It is a definite advantage being married to a Yogi!...(AW)