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  • 1 Hour Facial Reflexology Treatment £40
  • This is a bespoke treatment depending on your personal needs. This will consist of

    • An opening upper arm, shoulder, neck and head massage to release tension.
    • Gentle cleanse of the face and hot mitts to prepare the skin.
    • Application of an organic facial oil to suit your specific skin type.
    •  Facial Reflexology to stimulate specific reflex points and gentle facial massage and manipulation of the facial muscles.
    • Some may also enjoy the addition of Jade Gua Sha tools for additional facial rejuvenation.
    • Closing relaxation sequence.

facial Reflexology & back/Shoulder Massage


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  • 1 Hour Face & Back Treatment £40
  • This will consist of a 30 minute Facial Reflexology sequence using organic Facial Oil  and a relaxing 30 minute bespoke Aromatherapy back and shoulder massage.

30 min facial Reflexology 30 min Foot Reflexology


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  • 1 Hour Face and Feet Treatment £40
  • This will consist of a 30 minute Facial Reflexology sequence using Organic Facial Oils and a 30 minute bespoke Reflexology session on the feet.

what is facial reflexology?

Facial Reflexology helps to nurture, calm and rebalance the body.I am trained in the Ziggie Bergman Facial Reflexology method - this totally relaxing treatment is excellent for migraines, headaches, jaw muscle tension, bruxism, sinus issues and has been known to help with Tinnitus and Bell's Palsy…as well as helping to improve overall health and wellbeing.

I can also combine it with a Jade Crystal Facial Massage which helps to reduce tension in your facial muscles, stimulate blood flow, stimulate Collagen and Elastin and increase lymph drainage, to rejuvenate your face naturally.

Together these two treatments can help bring about a sense of calm, lift the spirits, reduce the effects of stress and bring about a healthy glow to your skin.

You can buy a treatment voucher for someone by clicking on the Buy Voucher link below. The voucher can be used for both Reflexology and Massage treatments, so the recipient can make their own choice. You will be taken to another page where you can set the amount you want to spend. If you want to buy for more than one person, you will have to do a separate transaction for each person. If you want to buy multiple treatments for one person, use the pink Custom button and multiply accordingly. Just enter the amount and your details, it's as easy as that! Any problems contact Stella on 07523 873595 

...absolutely fantastic. Thank you so much Stella. Perfect way to start the weekend...(FiY)

...really relaxing reflexology treatment, reasonable price, lovely environment and Stella is clearly knowledgeable and experienced in what she does. thank you I will be back! (MT)